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Active Matrix Air Purifier


Teamwork makes the dream work.  purifi clean makes it easier for your purifi filter to grab super small (not so nice) stuff from your air. Purifi clean also shines its germicidal UVC light on some (not so nice) stuff that likes to grow in the dark.



The inside of your air conditioning system is usually dark and humid and, the purifi Ultra likes to discourage things from growing there.  Purifi Ulta strategically shines its UVC germicidal light in your system to help keep this area from becoming a science experiment.

Germicidal Ultra Violet Light
High Efficiency MERV13 Filtration


It is all about the pleats, and not the ones on your pants.  The purifi Filter contains the famous MERV 13 pleated filter media, which basically means it catches a lot of things floating around in your air that you probably do not want to breathe.  Packing all those pleats in your filter allows for a lot of air to flow through your filter and this makes your air conditioner happy, really happy. 😊


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Breathe Better Air.

Worry-free, 24/7 whole filtration.

We believe that when you breathe better, you live better and, that is the reason we would like to introduce you to our family of purifi products.  Each purifi product was meticulously engineered and designed to fight like a superhero, for the good of your air.



Clean Air

Because our family knows, firsthand, that air quality is extremely important. If you would like to know more about us, our story is here

Our Story

Because all the air in your home eventually goes through your air conditioning system, we want to help make it better when it does.

If you breathe bad air, it can affect your health. We know this firsthand since bad indoor air quality made our family sick, really sick. A near tragedy is the reason we started building homemade air filters in our garage, way back in 1982. Fast forward to today, and our company is a USA headquartered OEM manufacturer of indoor air quality products for major air conditioning and heating industry giants. Our passion is to make the air cleaner in everyone’s home.

We created the purifi family for your family because we know the benefits of clean indoor air.

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Whether it’s allergens, odors, dander, or nasty little germs, Purifi fights them off like a superhero so you and your family can breathe better!

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