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Because all the air in your home eventually goes through your air conditioning system

We want to help make it better when it does

If you breathe bad air, it can affect your health. We know this firsthand since bad indoor air quality made our family sick, really sick. A near tragedy is the reason we started building homemade air filters in our garage, way back in 1982. Fast forward to today, and our company is a USA headquartered OEM manufacturer of indoor air quality products for major air conditioning and heating industry giants. Our passion is to make the air cleaner in everyone’s home.

We created the purifi family for your family because we know the benefits of clean indoor air.

Filtration, Germicidal light, Purification

Working together we are stronger

When we were asked to develop the purifi family of products for retail, we knew we wanted to bring the most beneficial and cost-effective solutions to your home. We began looking through our 40 years of research, technologies, and customer comments to make sure the products you are looking at today, make the most positive difference in your home’s air quality.

Germicidal Ultra Violet Light


Our company does spend quite a bit of time thinking about the air inside but, we think about other things as well.

Renewable Resources and Recycling

The solar panels installed at our factories help generate power for machinery we utilize while building our products. To date, we have generated over 680-megawatt hours of solar energy which equates to over 1 million lbs. of CO2 not emitted or the equivalent of 8,000 planted trees. Our company also has a recycling policy that equates to over 750 tons of steel and 70 tons of corrugated boxes recycled, every year.

Active Matrix Air Purifier

Community Involvement

Our company believes in supporting the community. Our company provides financial assistance to organizations that support disadvantaged families and victims of domestic violence. Our company has also assisted in Hurricane Relief efforts by providing and delivering supplies to areas in need.

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