High Efficiency MERV13 Filtration

Purifi Filter

It is all about the pleats, and not the ones on your pants. The Purifi Filter contains the now famous MERV 13 pleated filter media, which basically means in catches a lot of the dust floating around in your air that you do not want to breath….and since we pack your filter with all those pleats, it will allow a lot of air to flow through the filter. That makes your air conditioner happy

Germicidal Ultra Violet Light

Purifi Protect

Guess where it is cool, dark, and damp? Inside your air conditioner and the Purifi Protect UVC germicidal light will keep the stuff that likes to grow where it is cool, dark, and damp from becoming a science experiment where the Purifi Protect UVC rays shine.

Active Matrix Air Purifier

Purifi Clean

Teamwork makes the dream work. The Purifi Clean puts a small charge on really super small stuff in your home’s air, making it easier for the purifi Filter to grab ’em from the air. purifi Clean also has a germicidal UVC light for more of those germicidal rays to shine on stuff that likes to grow on dark.

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