purifi Clean

Active Matrix Air Purifier


Not all particles are created equal. Did you know some particles are literally “hanging out” in your air because they are too tiny to move around much? Now, it may seem like an easy task to trap something that doesn’t move very fast but, what if you can’t see what you are trying to catch? purifi Clean confronts this issue by emitting positive and negatively charged ions that can attach to small particles in the air. Since these ions are oppositely charged, they begin attracting to each other. This attraction will merge small particles together, so they are large enough to be trapped by your purifi Filter.

purifi Clean is also equipped with a powerful germicidal UV-C light. But wait, what if I want (or already have) a purifi Ultra. We think that is a great problem to have since our purifi Clean is professionally installed in a different location to create an additional zone of UV dose in your system. Damaging DNA of microorganisms requires time and germicidal dose, and you get more of each by adding both products.

We tested purifi Clean against a virus called MS2 Phage which is a relatively tough virus to control in the air. This virus tends to be more resilient to UV than SARS Cov-2, but we tested it anyway because we like a challenge.

If you would like to see the results, we would love to show you.

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