Test Results Performed By
Third Party Independent Labs 

The purifi family products are manufactured by a leading OEM IAQ product manufacturer with 40 years of experience manufacturing a wide range of private-labeled, and house-branded products for the HVAC industry. Several of our test reports were funded, and/or requested by our customers. The foundational technologies found in the product test reports below are germicidal UV-C light, ionization, and high-efficiency filtration. We strive to test our products under the conditions they are applied to in the field. You may see brand names associated with our customers on the test reports. Rest assured all of the products listed below are manufactured at our factories located in Royse City, TX. Purifi products are not medical devices and no medical, or healthy claims are made or inferred. 


Virus 99% surface inactivation with Germicidal UV-C residential 24-volt platform. 

Bacillus Thuringiensis

Bacteria – 91% inactivation on cooling coil with Germicidal UV-C 24 volt residential platform.


Bacteriophage – Virus 90% airborne inactivation with UV-C & Ionization 24 volt Air Purifier. MS-2 is more difficult to neutralize than the SARS virus.

Filter Efficiency Improvement

Dust – UV-C & Ionization platform improves the performance of MERV pleated filter.

Staphylococcus epidermis

Bacteria – 65% airborne inactivation with UV-C & Ionization 24 volt compact air purifier platform.


Bacteriophage – Virus – Filtration efficiency of MERV 11 and MERV 13 filters.

Aspergillus niger, Serratia marcescens

Mold & Bacteria – 23% / 99% Airborne reduction with Germicidal UV-C residential 24 volt platform

Sealed Door Test

Leakage % – 2.17% for MERV 13 Filter media air cleaner cabinet with gasketed doors.

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