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As you look though the offerings, take a minute to think about the air in your home.  Air pollutants are not easy to see and sometimes the phrase, out of sight, out of mind comes into play.  Have you ever seen small particles floating around in your air when the sun shines just right through a window or what about that thin layer of dust that always seems to be present when you clean? 

Decide what product best fits your needs and click the Lowe’s professional installation services link.  

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After evaluation, your Lowe’s Pro will recommend a design that will provide you the most efficient results, based on your product selection. 

Finally, Installation Day is set according to your schedule.

After installation 

The purifi technology likes to clean the air as often as possible so, if your system has a “recirculate” mode, or an “air cleaning” mode, please use it.  If your system is not equipped with recirculation, the air will utilize the technology when the system is running. 


If you like easy, we are here to help.

We can send out email reminders when it is almost time for new filters and lamps.  Based on these reminders and your schedule, your Lowe’s Pro can set service appointments to keep your products up to date and in top shape. 

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